All you need to know about WPA3 Wi-Fi Security


wpa3 wifi security

WPA3 Wi-Fi Security: The “KRACK” security breach is one of the discoveries that marked the year 2017. The Wi-Fi Alliance promises improvements on the WPA2 security protocol and announces for 2018 the WPA3, an improved version of the mechanism to secure Wi-Fi networks.

What is the KRACK security hole

KRACK is the name of the KRACK security vulnerability that allows a nearby third party to intercept traffic and suck up sensitive data, simply by retrieving the key used to encrypt trade.

However, it seems that almost all supported devices and operating systems may be attacked by KRACK. Android and Linux could have far worse consequences than other operating systems because wpa_supplicant is the wifi client commonly used on Linux and Android version 6.0+.

What’s new in WPA3 Wifi Security:

In the absence of a successor in sight when the vulnerability was discovered, the WiFi Alliance announced that it was already working on WPA3 and this new security protocol will provide several protection mechanisms.

The novelties of WPA3:

Information about public networks will always be encrypted with custom data encryption
Protection against brute force attacks at the authentication level by permanently blocking the attacker after some intrusion attempts

A 192-bit security suite, aligned with the CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm) suite, to protect networks with higher security requirements (government, industry, etc.)

Once the Wi-Fi Alliance has certified WPA3, companies will still need to adopt the new security protocol for new equipment and update older equipment.

So, what do you think of this new security protocol, I’m talking about the WPA3 security protocol? Thank you for sharing information with anyone curious in the field of networks and telecommunications.


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