This copy of windows is not genuine Fix


this copy of windows is not genuine fixAre you getting this copy of windows is not genuine? well, you are in the correct place to fix this copy of windows is not genuine. this problem is most common in windows 7 & XP. Many people are using pirated software these days and in pirated software, you should not update. this error is because your windows is updated. which means the updated version has detected your windows.

I have seen some people even tho they are using genuine windows OS, people are getting ‘this copy of windows is not genuine’ error that because they bought the software from the third party. so I suggest if you want to make the software genuine or planning to buy the windows then please buy only from official Microsoft windows website.

if you are not willing to buy then follow the below steps and learn how to fix this copy of windows is not genuine error. I will also share the video guide for better understanding.

Problems faced by this copy of windows is not genuine:

  1. Won’t be able to change your wallpaper
  2. You will see only black screen
  3. You won’t get full access to your windows
  4. Will get an irritating message at the end “this copy of windows is not genuinethis copy of windows is not genuine

This Copy Of Windows Is Genuine Fix: Method 1

As I said in the above paragraph it may be because of windows update so you need to check whether your windows is updated or not to clarify what is causing the issue. to check your windows is updated or not then simply follow the below step by step procedure.

  1. First of click on start and select control panel
  2. Now go to windows updated and select view installed updates option.
  3. Once you select view installed updates it will show all the installed updates.
  4. Check carefully for this update “KB971033”. if you find that update then that is what causes the error.
  5. Simply uninstall the update and restart your PC. after restart you won’t see this copy of windows is not genuine.
  6. If you still see the error then follow the below method. it has 95% chances to fix this error

For not getting this error in future then make sure you turn off windows automatic updates. to turn off the updates simply follow this steps

  1. To turn off updates go to control panel
  2. Select windows updates and select install updates automatically
  3. Now click on never check for updates.
  4. That’s it, now your PC will never check for updates and you won’t face any issue in future


This Copy Of Windows Is Genuine Fix: Method 2 (95% Chances to fix)

This method will fix most of the time. Simply follow the below steps by steps procedure and fix your problem with this method.
1. First of all, go to start & search for CMD
2. Now you will see a command prompt. simply right click on it and select Run as administrator.

note: you must and should open it as administrator because the administrator has all the rights to change anything on windows. if you do it as normal then you won’t be able to fix this issue.

3. After selecting run as administrator simply type this command “SLMGR-REARM”
4. Now press enter and select ok.
5. Now you need to restart your pc to make the changes apply on your PC.

6. simply restart and You will no longer see this copy of windows is not genuine.

7. this method is not a perminent fix & you will get this copy of windows is not genuine again after a month. you can use this method for 3 times. each time you will get 30 days extension of the free trial. no one says this and you think it’s a permanent fix.

Method 2 Video Guide:

My conclusion:

The second method will fix this copy of windows is not genuine error but not for permanent. but I suggest you go with a genuine one if you are affordable. if you are not affordable then Join Techy Guide FB Group for instant help for the permanent fix

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