How to Reset iphone X Face ID


reset iphone x face ID

Reset iPhone X Face ID: One of the best security features of the iPhone X Face ID. While Face ID is pretty safe and works well, there may be a few times you can find this problematic. This can usually happen when users change their appearance. For example, you had a very different haircut or started using glasses. In this case, it is best to reset Face ID to make sure it works perfectly. Keep reading to learn how to reset Face ID on iPhone X. Techy Guide also have how to setup iPhone X Face ID

How to Reset Face ID On iPhone X

  • Go to Settings on the iPhone X
  • Touch Face ID and Code
  • Tap Reset Face ID


This will clear the previous Face ID and all that your iPhone X device has learned on your face earlier. Your device will then follow the same steps you followed earlier to set up Face ID. Follow the instructions and finish resetting your Face ID on the iPhone X. The steps are pretty simple and once you have reset Face ID on the iPhone X, you will be able to use the biometric as you did before.

Reset iPhone X Face ID Conclusion:

I think you have successfully reset your iPhone X Face ID via this guide. Feel free to share your experience about this iPhone X Face ID. You can also join TechyGuide Facebook group where you will find a lot of tech experts through which you can solve any tech issue.


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