How to transfer data from Android to IOS & Vice Versa


Transfer data from androd to IOS

Transfer data from Android to IOS: You would like to have all your contacts, photos, videos, music and apps and other data on your new device. Now, there are a number of methods available by which you can easily do this fast-process transfer job automatically. You do not have to write all the names of your contacts and then the number on your new phone.

This is the era of the advanced smartphone. As you know, when we switch from one iPhone to another, automatically we find all our things on the new iPhone. Thanks to Apple for providing a wonderful platform iCloud on the air sync facility. But if we are talking about another phone, the case is not the same. You can not totally move all things like your SMS and your call history, etc. But it’s pretty easy to move all your contacts, files, photos and videos from your Android to the iPhone. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to transfer your contacts, files, photos, music, and apps from Android to iPhone.

First requirement:

You must have a Google account on your Android phone, although this can also be done via the iPhone.

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone/IOS:

Method: 1 (Transfer data from Android to IOS)
All your Android phone contacts are associated with your Google Account through which you are connected. Migrating your Android contacts from Android to iPhone is a little easier than other things. In your android phone:

  1. Go to settings. Choose “Accounts and Synchronization”.
  2. Enter your Google Account details
  3. Enable synchronization
  4. Now, come back to your new iPhone.
  • Go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and add your Gmail account.
  • Contacts must be enabled for this Google Account.
  • All your Google contacts will now appear on your iPhone contacts list.

Method: 2 (Transfer data from Android to IOS)
Method 1 will work in almost all cases. To be sure, please do the following thing.

  1. Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Add Account
  2. Now select other -> Contacts -> Add Dav Card Account
  3. Now, please enter the details below in the fields and then do “Next”
  4. Server:
  5. Username: Enter your full Google or Google Apps email address (
  6. Password: Your password (*******)
  7. Provide account description (eg Personal Contacts).
  8. Now select Next at the top of your iPhone screen. The “Contacts” option must be activated.
  9. Now, the synchronization should begin. Now go to the default contact app to check the progress.

Method: 3 (Transfer data from Android to IOS)
It is also known as the Swap SIMS method. in this method what u do is copy all your contacts to your sim and put that SIM on your new Phone. Not just to transfer contacts from android to iPhone but this method works with the transfer of contacts from any phone to any phone. This trick will only work if you have the same sim that you will use on the iPhone, on your old Android phone.

Move all phone contacts to the sim. Now insert your sim into the iPhone. Now navigate to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> Import SIM Contacts.

Method: 4 (via an external application)
I believe that all the methods mentioned above should work. In some exceptional circumstances, you can try this one. Use the application Copy My Data, a free application for Android and iOS, to transfer your contacts as well as photos and videos.

  • Frist fo all download Copy my data app from play store or if you are using iPhone then from the app store.
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • After downloading and installing the app do the following steps.
  • There are two options: one is for Google Drive and one is syncing via WiFi. Choose according to your comfort.
  • Transfer Contacts, photos, and videos from Android to the iPhone or from any phone to any phone.

Transfer data from IOS to Android:

Method: 1 (Transfer data from IOS to Android)

  1. I guess you have already set up and activated your new iPhone and connected to iTunes.
  2. Choose your iPhone in the left sidebar of iTunes. Now navigate to Photos-> Sync Photos-> Choose folder.
  3. Now select the Android data folder that contains all your Android photos.
  4. That’s all. This folder will now appear on your iPhone photo.

Method: 2 (Transfer data from IOS to Android)
The above process can be made easy with third-party applications. Some are listed below

  • Copy My Data to iOS and Android
  • PhotoSync for iOS and Android
  • AT & T Mobile Transfer for iOS and Android
  • The steps are user-friendly. So just follow the steps on the screen. And you will find this folder on your iPhone photo application.
  1. Transfer music from Android to the iPhone
  2. This is the most complicated of all the above. Since there is no direct application that does the work for you. But as you know it

Transfer Data from Android to IOS Conclusion: 

I think I have mentioned all the possible ways to transfer data or contacts from one phone to another phone or from Android to IOS and vice versa. I also shared the video guide so if you don’t understand any of the methods then do watch the video through which you can understand easily. feel free to share your experiences with us via comments or if still, you have the problem to transfer data then do join our facebook group to get help from experts.


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