How to make your Android phone Faster 2018


How to make android phone faster

Are you looking to make your phone run faster? then you have come to the correct place. Several months after unpacking, Android entry or mid-range smartphones may suffer from some latency to use. Here are some tips to improve all this, and significantly increase the speed of your Android smartphone.

You have probably already experienced this embarrassing situation where your smartphone is not as responsive as when it was purchased. Indeed after several months of use and installation of all kinds of applications, your mobile is starting to idle. Here’s how to give a little boost to your smartphone.

  1. Change the speed of android Animations & Transactions:

The speed of animations plays a lot on the speed of opening applications. To change this setting, go to your mobile’s development options. If you have not yet activated this mode, go to your mobile settings and then “About the device” and tap the “Build number” (or “Version number” depending on the brand) line repeatedly until the mode activates.

Android Animation

In development options, change the speed of the following settings: Scale Animation Window, Scale Animation Transition, and Scale Animator Duration. By default, the animation speed is 1x, simply pass the animations to 0.5x or disable them completely. Once the operation is done, the difference should quickly be felt when launching an application or during navigation in the smartphone.

2. Clean the memory regularly

Your smartphone is like a small computer. By installing various applications and browsing the web, a significant number of temporary hidden files are piling up in the system’s memory. In addition to using space unnecessarily, these many files slow down your phone. Today, many manufacturers integrate a cleaning application directly. Owners of Samsung phones can visit the Smart Manager application to erase data. As for the others, they can use the Clean Master application, free on the Google Play Store, and that perfectly fulfills its task. This operation should be done regularly to ensure that you always have a clean phone.

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The cache is not the only item that takes up space unnecessarily on your phone. Removing applications that you no longer use can also dramatically improve system speed if they have a bad habit of running automatically in the background.

3. Use a lighter application launcher and remove your widgets
make android faster

The choice of the application launcher will greatly influence the fluidity of your mobile. The basic interfaces like TouchWiz, Sense and others are generally greedy in RAM. Instead, focus on lightweight launchers like Aviate, Z Launcher or Nova Launcher. You can also find here a selection of launchers that are worth a look.

In addition, if you are an intensive user of widgets, rather lose a few seconds to fetch the application. The widgets are pretty and practical, but they consume a lot of energy and resources.

4. Emphasize static wallpapers to animated screens
android phone faster

Live wallpapers are a fun feature of Android, but their use is rather to be avoided. Indeed, in addition to being battery consumer, the live wallpaper requires a few megabytes of RAM additional. We advise you to use a static wallpaper instead.

5. Keep your mobile up to date

stay updated

Updates are the way for manufacturers to improve their product. Numerous software optimizations improve the system and ultimately enable your phone to perform better. Do not forget to make the latest updates when they are available. If the update is not available in OTA, from time to time, check the manufacturer’s site to see if the upgrade cannot be downloaded.

6. Reset Your Android Phone
reset android phone

If despite all this your phone is still slow, do not hesitate to realize from time to time a complete reset of your phone. This step is to reset your smartphone to the factory state (you will not lose the updates already installed). Do not forget to save all of your data before handling. You can find the “Restore Defaults” option in the “Save and Reset” settings.

Anyway, if your mobile begins to slowly become slow, maybe it’s just time to change it …


I hope the above-mentioned methods will make your android phone run faster. most of the time these methods will work. if you have any problem then do comment below or you can also join our facebook group where you will find may tech experts for help. feel free to share your experience about how to make your android phone faster.


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