How to install Windows 10 from USB 2017


Install windows 10 with USBWant to upgrade from older windows version to latest windows 10 version? or you want to install windows 10 on your new PC/Laptop which came with the FreeDOS, or Linux or any other OS. Then this tutorial is for you. Here in this post, I will be sharing how to install windows 10 from USB flash drive. This is a full guide so you don’t have to worry at all because I will be sharing each and every thing so just follow the below steps and learn how to install windows 10 from USB Pendrive in two ways.

Things to remember before installing Windows 10:

  1. Free Space

If you are installing windows for the first time on your PC then you need to make a partition for windows 10. you need to make at least 100GB of free space to install windows 10 from USB

2. Bios Setup: Important

Now you need to make some settings on your PC to install windows from USB.
follow the steps carefully.

First, you need to get into boot settings option for that follow the below steps.
Restart your laptop/PC and keep pressing F10 for HP users. For Dell users keep pressing F2 to get into boot setup. for other brand users please google How to get into bios in “Your PC/Laptop Brand” mine is HP so I will follow HP setup guide.

After getting into bios mode you need to go to system configuration by clicking the right arrow. Now in system config make this changes.

1. By default, your USB Boot will be enabled. (if it is disabled then enable it)2. Disable Secure Boot (Ignore if it is already disabled)

2. Disable Secure Boot (Ignore if it is already disabled)

3. Enable legacy boot (Ignore if it is already enabled)

3. Product/Activation Key:

if you are upgrading from older windows version then you don’t need any key. it will automatically detect your keys from your older windows version. But if you are downloading windows for the first time then you need to have the keys. you can also use windows with out keys but with fewer features.

Windows 10 Installation Requirements:

  1. Windows Downloader Tool
  2. Minimum 4GB Pendrive
  3. Free Unallocated Space (Min 100GB)

Windows 10 installation from USB: Method 1

  1. First of all, you need to download Windows downloader tool  Windows Downloader Tool
  2. Select your bit version (32 bit or 64 bit) and download the tool.
  3. After downloading open the tool and simply select Installation media for other PC Windows 10
  4. Now select your required language, architecture & edition and click Next.
  5. Select USB Flash Drive & connect your USB and click Next.
  6. It will automatically detect your USB. If it didn’t detect then simply click Refresh.
  7. Now after detecting simply click on next and Windows 10 will be automatically downloaded into your USB.
  8. After downloading it will show “Your USB flash drive is ready
  9. Now, Shutdown your PC & turn on and press F10 continuously for HP users to get into bios mode.
  10. Now select your USB and click on ok then it will automatically restart your PC/Laptop with windows 10 setup installation from USB.
  11. Select your Time, language & keyboard format then click on Next & click on Install Now
  12. Now it will ask for activation Key If you already have then Enter it. if you don’t then simply click on Skip.
  13. Now accept the terms & conditions and click Next.
  14. It will ask which type of installation you want simply select Install windows 10 and keep all files, settings & applications. (This means windows 10 will be installed with out deleting any file from your PC/Laptop)
  15. Now it will ask Where do you want to install windows 10  simply select the unallocated space partition and click Next.
  16. Now it will start installing windows 10 on your PC/Laptop and it will restart several time so do not panic.
  17. if it asks for product key then simply click on Do it later. 
  18. Now it will ask for a general setup like PC name, Password etc.. finish it and you are ready to use windows 10. That’s it.

Install windows 10 from USB: Method 2

This method is useful if you want to store windows 10 ISO file on your PC and can be used when ever you want like an administrator have all the file. in this method, you require 3 things.

1. Rufus software
2. Windows 10 ISO
3. USB Pendrive

Install windows 10 from USB bootable Pendrive:

  1. First of all download Rufus on your PC  Download Rufus
  2.  Now you need to download windows 10 ISO file
  3. After download simply connect your USB Pendrive to your PC & open Rufus.
  4. Rufus will automatically detect your USB and you need to manually select windows 10
  5. For detail explanation about making your USB Bootable with windows 10, visit Create a Bootable USB from windows 10 ISO
  6. After making windows 10 bootable USB follow the above process from step 9.

This is how you need to install windows 10 from USB on your PC/Laptop. if you have any questions related to this post then feel free to ask via comment or you can also join our fb group for instant help

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