How to find wifi password on windows 10 | 2 Methods


find wifi password windows 10

Find Wifi password on windows 10: It may happen that you forget the password of your Wifi connection Or your family member or office colleague may have connected to the wireless connection but forgot to share the password with you. At this point, if you need to find the Wi-fi password, you can do it through network & share center or by using the command prompt. So simply follow the below steps and learn how to check wifi password on windows 10.

Finding Wifi Password on Windows 10 using Network & Share Center:

  1. First of all right click on your Wifi Icon, You will get two options

Find wifi password on windows 10

  • Trouble Shoot Problems
  • Open Network & Share Center

2. Now select or click on the 2nd option Open Network & Share Center

3. It will show you the connected wifi network, Simply click on your wifi name.

how to findo wifi password on windows 10

4. In my case, my wifi name is Sudheer as show in the image

5. Now after clicking on the name, A window will pop with some options

wifi password windows 10

6. This time select Wireless Properties and select security tab

check wifi password on windows 0

7. After selecting the security tab you will see your wifi security type along with the wifi password. enable the show character to see your wifi password.

how to check wifi password on windows 10

8. That’s it. you have successfully learned how to find your wifi password via Open network & share center method.

How to find the WiFi password on windows 10 via Command Prompt:

You can also use the command prompt to find the Wifi key. To do this, from the Windows 10 menu, select Command Prompt, type the following command to check your connected wifi password.

  • First of all, Open up CMD with administrator permission.

check wifi password via cmd

  • Now type CD/ which means change directory
  • Now type netsh and hit enter
  • This time again type wlan show profile, It will show your connected wifi and also your old connected wifi profiles

how to find windows 10 wifi password

  • Now again type wlan show profile sudheer key=clear

wifi password windows 10

Note: in the place of sudheer type your wifi name

  • Under Security settings, you will see Key Content along with your wifi password.

check windows 10 wifi password

  • That’s it. you have successfully learned the 2nd method to find wifi password on windows 10 via CMD

Find Wifi Password on Windows 10 Conclusion:

The above are two best methods to find the password of your connected wifi. both methods show you the wifi password. if one didn’t work tries another method. both the methods are simple and easy to check your wifi password on your windows 10. not just windows 10 but also any version of the windows can follow this method to check wifi password. feel free to share your experience about how to find wifi password on windows 10. If you have any problem then do join our facebook group for instant help from the experts.


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