How to Disable Windows 10 Updates | 2 Methods


Disable windows 10 updatesIs your windows 10 PC updating automatically and want to disable windows 10 updates? then this tutorial is for you. here I will be sharing how to “disable windows 10 updates” on your PC/Laptop in 2 methods. These days getting windows 10 updates really became a headache for some people. The reasons are like a decrease of internet speed while the update when you are doing some important stuff, Taking much time at the time of shut down or restart & much more. So Don’t worry I am here with the solution for all the windows 10 editions like Professional, enterprise & home which is the basic PC version. so just follow the below simple steps and learn how to disable windows 10 updates. I will also share the video guides for windows 10 turn off automatic updates for both the method which will make the setup process easy for you.

How to Disable windows 10 Updates: Method 1

In this method, you won’t get any update availability notification nor you will be able to update once the setup is done. it will completely block windows 10 updates. You need to again make the changes made by you to the default changes to get updates automatically or when ever you want to check for updates.

  1. First of go to Contol panel and choose View by as Large Icons.

2. Now select Administrator Tools, scroll down & search for Services.block windows 10 updatedisable windows 10 update

3. In services again search for Windows updates and double click on it.disable windows 10 auto updates

4. Now a window will pop up and make the following changes

  1. Start Up Type: Disable
  2. Service Status: Stop

dlock windows 10 auto updates

5. After the above changes are made simply click on Apply to disable windows 10 updates and restart your PC/Laptop to make the changes apply.

Disable Windows 10 Updates: Method 2 (Recommended)

Once this method setup is done on your PC/laptop you will be able to see the permission to download the update or not. So it’s your wish weather you want to download the update or not. but if you download the update then it will automatically install the update after the download.

  1. Press Win + R button to get Run box on your PC/Laptop.Run

2. In run box simply type MMC and press Enter.

3. Now select Files which is on the top left corner.

4. In files, select Add/Remove Snap-in & search for Group Policy Objects.Group Policy

5. Simply double click on Group Policy Objects, a window will popup and click on Finish.finish

6. You will get an option called Local Computer Policy below console Rool then click on Ok

local computer policy

7. Select Local Computer Policy and click on Ok.

8. Now expand Local Computer Policy and you will see 3 options called software settings, Windows Settings & Administrative Tools.

9. Again expand Administrative Templates and expand Windows Components.

10. In Windows Components, search for Windows Updates and select updates

11. After selecting Windows Updates, You will see some options. In that search for Configure automatic updates & double click on it.
Configure automatic updates

12. A window will popup and you need to make the changes shown below.

  1. Configure Automatic Updates: Enable
  2. Configure Automatic Updating: Notify for download & Auto Install.Configure automatic updates

13. After making the above changes simply click on apply & ok to disable windows 10 updates. Now you need to restart you PC/Laptop to make the changes apply on your PC/Laptop.


These are the two methods through which you will be able to disable windows 10 updates. make sure you restart your PC so that you the changes made by you will apply. for some, the changes will apply with out Restart but for some, you need to restart. Not only this for any changes made by you on your PC need to restart to make the necessary changes apply. so feel free to share your experience about this tutorial or comment below your queries.


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