How to Change Android App Icon of any App 2018


android app icon changer

Change Android App Icon: The icons of Android applications are not always the best effect, especially as manufacturers do not hesitate to change, sometimes making them uglier than originally. Fortunately, there are more and more possibilities to give them a new look. Follow the guide.

If you do not like the new Google icons, you may want to change them. For some, this problem can be bypassed through the theme manager built natively on their phone or tablet, but all manufacturers do not offer, and it can be difficult to find happiness. So opt for a more personal approach, so.

For those who have an alternative launcher like Nova or Apex, it is possible to change the icons from its parameters, but for others, the solution is sometimes even simpler and is called Awesome icons. This application, however, only creates new shortcuts on the home screen and therefore does not work with all interfaces that do not have an application drawer. This alternative is therefore for those who are tired of the icons of TouchWiz (Samsung) or Sense (HTC) to name a few, rather than EMUI (Huawei, Honor) and MIUI (Xiaomi).

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Awesome icons allow you to change the icon of any application from an existing pack, an image in the memory of your phone or even a photo. And all in just a few clicks!

Change an icon with Awesome icons
After downloading the app, launch it and go directly to the Get more icons section of the menu (which opens by sliding your finger to the right from the left edge of the screen). Here, a selection of packs is offered, but you can find even more, whether free or paid, by clicking on the option Search the market.

Awesom App Icon changer

You can then change the icon of each application one by one through the Quick Start section. In it is a list of all your applications, leaving you each time the choice between the different dedicated icons available in your library. To apply one, you just have to click on it, then in the following window to click on OK after possibly choosing an alternative name in the box Label.

change app icon

If you do not want a pack icon, you can go one step further by selecting the camera to take a picture of your future icon, or the table to select an image from your gallery. The rest of the manipulation remains the same.

Awesom App Icon changer

Note: That once your shortcuts are created, you can move them freely on your various screens or on your dock. In addition, they will persist even after uninstalling the icon packs and Awesome icons.

Change Android App Icon Conclusion: 

I Hope you have successfully learned how to change the icon of any app using the external android application called Awesome Icons. If you are facing any problem then do comment below or you can also join our facebook group where you will find many helpful tech experts. Feel free to share your experiance with this android app icon changing guide.


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