How to Download WhatsApp for Laptop/PC | 3 Methods


Whatsapp for LaptopWant to download WhatsApp for laptop or PC then have reached the correct place. WhatsApp is no. 1 messaging app and almost everyone is using nowadays. It is available on almost all the platforms like android, ios, windows, Symbian and much more. Most of the people don’t that WhatsApp is now available for Laptop/PC as well officially. before it was not available but many people use to use it via android emulator which is not a bad option if you have a second number. I regularly use WhatsApp via best android emulator for PC to share my another website post to my broadcast members.

Here in this post, I will share all the possible ways to download WhatsApp for laptop/PC with step by step guide. So simply follow the below steps and learn how to use or download WhatsApp on laptop/PC. I will also share the video guide which will be much easier to understand if you didn’t understand any.

WhatsApp for laptop/PC via web browser: Method 1

whatsapp web

This is an official method through which you can use WhatsApp on laptop/PC.  Here you can use your WhatsApp on any browser you have by simply opening WhatsApp web on your browser. for more follow the below step by step guide.

Step 1: First of all open browser on your Laptop/PC

Step 2: Now open WhatsApp web on your browser from below

WhatsApp Web

Step 3: After opening, You will see a barcode on the WhatsApp web page like shown in the below image

Step 4: Now you need to scan that barcode from your phone’s WhatsApp

Step5: Simply open WhatsApp on your phone and click on the 3dots which are on the top right corner & Select WhatsApp web.

Step 6: Now scan the barcode from your phone’s WhatsApp and you will see your conversations on your browser.

Note: In this method, your phone should be connected to the internet so that you will be able to use WhatsApp on your Laptop/PC.

Step 7: To disconnect WhatsApp from your Laptop/PC then simply go to your WhatsApp Web on your phone and select Logout from all computers or simply click on the logout from your browser. If you want to connect again then follow from the beginning.

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Download Whatsapp for Laptop/PC Via Whatsapp Software: Method 2

download whatsapp for laptop

WhatsApp has recently launched WhatsApp software for both windows/Mac. This is similar to WhatsApp web but here you don’t need any browser. but need WhatsApp software which is available on WhatsApp official website. I will provide the download link below. simply follow the steps and learn how to “download WhatsApp for laptop” or PC & use it.

Step 1: First of all open official Whatsapp download link from below. this method works only on Windows 8 & higher versions only

Download WhatsApp For Laptop

Step 2: Now download WhatsApp for Laptop/PC and install it. the size of the software is 79.3MB

Step 3: After installing WhatsApp software you will see a barcode similar to WhatsApp web.

Step 4: Simply scan the barcode from your Phone WhatsApp. To scan open your phone WhatsApp and click on the 3dots which are on the top right corner & select WhatsApp web and scan it.

Note: This method is similar to the above method, your phone should be connected to the internet so that you will be able to use WhatsApp on your Laptop/PC.

Step 5: You will get your WhatsApp conversations on WhatsApp software. that’s it. this is another method to use WhatsApp for Laptop/PC.

Step 6: To log out simply click log out from the software or you can also log out from your phone WhatsApp.

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Download WhatsApp for Laptop/PC via Android Emulator: Method 3

download whatsapp for laptop

Here in this method, you need an android emulator which is Android software for Laptop/PC. This is similar to an android phone. If you have two phone numbers and want to use WhatsApp on PC with another number or don’t have any phone to use WhatsApp or if you are running any service and want to create WhatsApp for that service. Then this is the best way to use WhatsApp for Laptop/PC via emulator. So simply follow the steps and learn how to download WhatsApp for Laptop/PC via android emulator

Step 1: First of all, You need to download an android emulator on your Laptop/PC. I suggest downloading Nox app player from below

Download Nox App Player

Step 2: After downloading Android emulator on your Laptop/PC, install it.

Step 3: Now open the android emulator and download WhatsApp from play store.

Step 4: After download, WhatsApp simply register with the number and verify it with OTP received

Step 5: Once the verification is done. You can use WhatsApp on Laptop/PC like you use WhatsApp on your phone. that’s it. this is how you use WhatsApp on Laptop/PC via android emulator.

My Conclusion:

These are the three best ways to use whatsapp for Laptop/PC. If you have any other best way to download WhatsApp for Laptop/PC share it with us & if you have any problem then feel free to share via comments or you can also join TechyGuide Facebook group for instant help.

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