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GBWhatsapp APKHey Guys, Welcome to Techy Guide. In this post, I will share about GBWhatsApp which is the most interesting app available in the Android world. These days there is no one with out WhatsApp but WhatsApp is with limited features. GBWhatsapp latest version has got tons of mind blowing features which are good for your privacy like you can hide your online status, disable blue tick or disable second tick and much. These are just a few. Below I have covered almost 90% of the GBWhatsApp features with some of the main features step by step explanation. There are many other apps similar to GBwhatsapp but GBWhatsapp is the best among them. I will be regularly updating the GBWhatsapp latest version APK when ever the update is available so that you can stay updated. Simply follow the below steps and learn how to download & Install GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK.

Name: GBWhatsapp
Latest Version: v6.10
Last Update: 16-09-2018
App Size 36.48MB

GBWhatsapp Latest Version Features:

New Version Updates: v6.10

  • Enable Recall Feature
  • Whatsapp Emoji Fixed
  • Whatsapp Log fixed
  • Now it supports the Turkish language
  • update for Spanish & Italian languages
  • now you can directly share apk
  • option to disable message counter and much more…
  • See all status as a list
  • Message Scheduler
  • can change the font
  • edit pic
  • send multiple videos at once
  • change broadcast icon & much more
  • GBWhatsapp have a privacy option like
  • Hiding online status,
  • Blue Tick,
  • 2nd Tick,
  • Writing Status,
  • Blue Microphone
  • Last Show view Status.
  • GBWhatsapp have its own settings like
  • Downloading themes 9many themes available0
  • Custom appearance
  • Lock for both WhatsApp, group/chat with out any third party software
  • You can change the ticks style
  • Can send up to 50 images at once instead of 10 WhatsApp
  • send up to 30MB Video size file instead of 16MB
  • You will be able to use up to 250 characters in your status instead of 139
  • Can send broadcast up to 600 people instead of 250
  • Able set the group name up to 35 characters
  • No date & name when you copy two or more messages from GBWhatsApp
  • You can send GIF images
  • New emojis available
  • Chat online status available
  • You will be able to copy your friends status
  • You can preview the media without downloading it.
  • GB WhatsApp supports multiple languages
  • You can change the default app icon
  • exit all groups at once
  • can hide all groups/chat in 1 click
  • You can mute all groups/Chat at once
  • Have an option to restart your WhatsApp & much more.


How to Download & Install GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK

  1. First of all, You need to download GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK file

GBWhatsApp Latest Version

2. After downloading GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK File you need to allow installation from unknown source.

3. Goto Settings> then go to security > Unknown Source> enable Unknown Source

4. Now after successfully enabling installation from unknown source open the GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK file & Install It.

5. After installing the GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK file simply register like a normal Whatsapp and verify your account.


GBWhatsapp Latest Version Features brief explanation


1. How to hide online status in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

GBwhatsapp Latest Version APK

  • Click on the 3dots which are in the top right corner & select Privacy
  • In privacy, select Hide online status & you are done. your online status in off until you again click on show online status.

2. How to Disable Blue Tick even after you see the messageGBwhatsapp Latest Version

  • Go to Privacy> Tap on blue ticks & choose Hide for contacts or hide for group or both for group & contacts.
  • That’s it, you have successfully disabled blue ticks via GBWhatsapp.

3. How to Disable 2nd Tick in GBWhatsapp Latest Version:


  • Go to Privacy> and select 2nd Tick option and choose Hide for contacts or hide for group or both for group & contacts.
  • That’s it, you have successfully disabled 2nd Tick Via GBWhatsapp.

4. How to Disable Writing Status on GBWhatsapp Latest Version

download GBwhatsapp Latest Version

  • Go to Privacy> writing status and choose Hide for contacts or hide for group or both for group & contacts.
  • That’s it, you have successfully disabled writing status via GBWhatsapp.

5. How to Hide View Status on GBWhatsapp Latest Version

Download gbwhatsapp apk

  • Go to Privacy> tap on Show View Status & WhatsApp will restart.
  • That’s it. you have successfully disabled view status via GBWhatsapp.

GB Settings:

6. How to change the theme on GBWhatsapp Latest Version

gbwhatsapp new version

  • To change the theme on GBWhatsapp simply click on the 3dots which are on the top right corner
  • Select GB Setting and choose download whatsapp
  • Now select which ever the theme you want from more than 100+ themes & click on apply.

whatsapp gb

  • Your GBwhatsapp will ask to restart, simply click on ok and it’ll restart with the applied theme. that’s it.

7. How to Lock GBWhatsapp:

  • To lock your GBwhatsapp without any 3rd part app simply click on the top 3dots.
  • Now select GB settings then scroll down & choose the Lock option.
  • It will ask for enable Passcode. simply click on that’s and set a password for your GBWhatsapp.
  • Whenever you open your GBwhatapp you need to enter a password.

8. How to Lock Groups/Chat in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

  • To lock groups or chat in GB WhatsApp simply select the groups or chat and click on the 3dots & select Hide.
  • Now it will ask to set up a patterned lock for your hidden group/chat.
  • Simply setup pattern and click o conform. now to access your hidden you need to click on your name which is on the top right corner.
  • After selecting your name it will ask for pattern lock to open your hidden groups/chat. that’s it.

9. How to Change Whatsapp icon in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

gb whatsapp features

  • Click on the 3dots>GB Settings> click on other Mods and select 6.0 Launch Icons.
  • Now you will get some icons and choose from them.

10. How to Change Ticks Icon in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

gbwhatsapp latest features

  • Click on the 3dots> GB Settings> click on other Mods and select 6.1 Ticks Style
  • Now you will see different types of ticks style. choose from them.

11. How to  Always be online in GBWhatsapp Latest Version

GBwhatsapp Latest Version

  • Click on the 3dots> GB Settings> click on other Mods and select 6.5 always Online.
  • That’s it. you will always be online.


these are some of the main features of GBWhatsapp. please let me know if you want any other GBWhatsApp features brief or step by step explanation oy you can also join our FB Group for instant help

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