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best 360 degree camera

Best 360 degree camera: Opting for a 360-degree camera is the way to go if you want to take your videography game to the next level. It allows you to capture all of your surroundings rather than a part of it and gives viewers a more immersive experience.

The videos you create can be shared on websites such as Facebook and YouTube and viewed on computers and mobile devices. They are particularly popular among virtual reality fans who can watch them via VR headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

If you are in the market for a VR camera, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of the best 360-degree professional quality cameras currently available, which you can view below. Keep in mind that if you have professional VR / 360-degree ambitions, none of these will be at this level, but since they are all under $ 500, you should not be surprised.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) – Best 360 Degree Camera

samsung gear 360 camera

Samsung’s latest 360-degree camera debuted in March alongside the Galaxy S8 series. It is quite compact and lightweight (130g), which makes it easy to use and carry. It is equipped with two 8.4 MP CMOS sensors that can capture MP 15 images and 4K videos.

The camera has a 1,160 mAh battery that allows you to record up to 130 minutes of video, is IP53 rated, and supports expandable storage via a microSD card. It does not have a display, but you can preview videos using an app that also lets you share them on YouTube and Facebook.

The only problem is that the camera is only compatible with some Samsung and Apple smartphones, making it useless for those who use a device manufactured by another manufacturer. Compatible Samsung phones include the Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, Edge S6, S6 Edge Plus and A7 / A5 (2017). In terms of price, the Gear 360 will cost you $ 170 on Amazon.

Samsung Gear 360 (2016) – 360 Degree Camera

samsung gear 360 camera 2016

Gear 360 from last year is a great option for those who want to save some money. Of course, he might not have all the same features as his successor, but he still does the job and remains one of the best 360-degree cameras you can buy. It actually offers more in some cases because it comes with a larger 1350 mAh battery and two 15 MP sensors.

It’s quite different in terms of design because it looks like a golf ball with a tripod attached, which is removable. The device is also a little heavier at 152 grams but is still lightweight and compact enough for easy transportation.

The Gear 360 (2016) is rated IP53 for protection against dust and water, supports expandable storage and allows you to share content on YouTube and other websites using a complementary app . However, just like his successor, it is only compatible with some Samsung smartphones. It is the most affordable device on this list with a $ 94 price tag.

Ricoh Theta S – 360-Degree Camera

Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera

Ricoh’s 360-degree camera has two 12 MP sensors and allows you to capture Full HD video. It has 8GB of storage and can record up to 25 minutes before the battery runs out of juice.

It does not stand out from the crowd in terms of appearance and is easy to carry thanks to its compact design and low weight of 125 grams. You can transfer captured videos and images directly to your mobile device using an application that can also be used to support shooting modes, edit images, and share content on social media.

Unlike the Samsung 360-degree Gear Cameras described above, the Ricoh Theta S works with all smartphones running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. It comes in black and currently sells for $ 326.95 on Amazon.

Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh Theta V 360 camera

The Ricoh Theta V looks more or less like the S model described above and shares some of its specifications. It also comes with two 12 MP sensors but can record in 4K resolution – up to 25 minutes.

The camera has four built-in microphones for recording directional audio independently and comes with 64GB of storage that is not expandable. It also has a remote play function that allows you to play video and captured images wirelessly on a TV, even if you need a compatible wireless display adapter for it to work.

In addition, the Theta V can be paired with a dedicated Android app that lets you edit the images you’ve taken and share content on social media, among others. Down quite expensive because it sells for $ 429.95. Still, 360-degree quality cameras are often not particularly cheap, and so the only adage “you get what you pay for” remains the case here.

360fly 4K

360fly 4K 360 camera
The 360fly camera can capture 4K 360 degree video with a single 16 MP sensor. It features a clever set of onboard features including Time-Lapse and Front-facing modes and comes with built-in telemetry sensors, including an electronic compass, a gyroscope, as well as unassisted GPS for the performance monitoring.

The product is quite durable because it is dustproof, shockproof and water resistant up to 1 meter (3 feet). It has 64GB of storage and is a little smaller than a tennis ball. It connects to your Android device using an app that allows you to watch and edit the videos you’ve captured, and then share them on Facebook and YouTube.

The 360K 4K camera is black with the addition of some green details that give it a little more character. You can get it on Amazon for $ 349.

Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon KeyMission 360 cameraCompared to a lot of 360-degree cameras on this list, this one is especially a great option for all adventure seekers out there. The Nikon KeyMission 360 is an action camera that suits any activity you can imagine because it can really take a hit. It is waterproof to 98 feet, cold resistant to 14 ° F and will withstand a 6.6-foot drop.

The camera can record videos in 4K resolution and capture 23.9MP still images. Associated with a dedicated application, you can transfer the contents of the camera to a smartphone and take pictures remotely, among others.

It’s compatible with Nikon’s mounting accessories that can help you attach it to your chest or place it on a helmet for a perfect shot. The camera is black and is the most expensive on this list because it will cost you $ 496.95.

Insta360 Air

Insta360 Air camera

Insta360 Air is a little different from the rest of the products on this list, as it is essentially an accessory compatible with Android devices. All you need to do is connect it to the charging port of your smartphone and capture 360 ° videos (2560 x 1280 pixels) as well as images (3008 x 1504 pixels) that you can then upload to YouTube, Facebook, and other websites.

You can also stream live on all popular platforms and have a 360-degree video chat on Skype and similar services. The camera is made of plastic, is easy to look at and extremely compact.

It is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.1 Lollipop and above and is available in two variants. The first has a micro USB connector, while the other works with newer devices with a Type-C USB port. Both models will cost you about $ 125 on Amazon.

There are many other 360-degree cameras on the market, but these are the best in our opinion. Ranging from about $ 100 to $ 500, they should fit just about any budget. Which camera on this list is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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